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MapsIndoors is a cloud-based SaaS product. We enable indoor navigation in large buildings by digitising floor plans and create a route network. MapsIndoors can be integrated in existing applications like mobile and desktop, or as a standalone service. Via our CMS you are able to manage, edit and update the map content.


MapsIndoors is developed as a platform that forms the basis for all indoor wayfinding. As much as we like the idea of standardising our product to help you and your users succeed, we are well aware that specific industries have specific requirements when it comes to mapping indoors. That is why MapsIndoors can be customised to fit your needs.


Users can search for almost everything, and get turn-by-turn directions to their destination - all while receiving relevant information depending on their location. By being built with Google Maps, MapsIndoors offers your users a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. 


In other words; imagine Google Maps as you already know it, and bring the same functionalities inside a large building. That's MapsIndoors!

Search, find and navigate indoors


Get directions to your gate, a specific shop or to a restaurant. Improve the user experience and reduce the number of people missing their flights. Learn more about indoor airport navigation.


Shopping centres

Indoor navigation to shops and restaurants makes the shopping experience more fun. Collect information about how shoppers move and use it to optimise advertising and pricing. Read more about navigation for retail.



Offer students and visitors indoor navigation at the palm of their hands. It has never been easier to always offer visitors updated campus wayfinding. Learn about university campus navigation.



Indoor navigation improves effciency and creates a better experience. Ease the time spent at your hospital with indoor navigation. Learn more benefits of indoor hospital navigation.

Other large venues

MapsIndoors can be applied to all large venues. Corporate headquarters, convention centres, theme parks, and many more.

Indoor positioning

MapsIndoors can be interfaced to the most suitable indoor positioning technology at a given location. This could be WiFi, magnetic fields or Bluetooth (BLE). The accuracy of the indoor positioning system depends on the type of technology used and the type of building you are mapping indoors.


We can always advise you on which technology will offer you the best positioning accuracy at your facility.

Easily manage your own indoor navigation system

MapsIndoors CMS provides a single point of entry for the administration of your own MapsIndoors indoor navigation platform. It gives you full control over all the information shown on your digital map. Staff with no programming skills can easily manage and edit your mapping solution usings MapsIndoors CMS.

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Easily manage your own indoor navigation system

Companies and institutions already using MapsIndoors

"MapsIndoors is built as a generic platform optimised for use in a range of industries: Universities, airports, shopping centres, stadiums etc. All general updates and improvements are distributed to all users."

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